Building the frame
1.Cut two 2’ long pieces from the 1” X 4” pine boards
2.Cut two 3’ 11 ¼” long pieces from the 1” X 4” pine boards
3.Drill two 1/8” holes 3/8” in on each end of the 2” boards. Countersink each hole.
4.Attach the 2” long boards to the ends of the longer boards with screws.
Building the leg supports
1.Cut 8 blocks from the 2 X 4’s , 4” long.
2.Bevel the one long end of 4 blocks.
3.Cut a piece of the 2 X 2 furring strips 4” long , to use as a guide.
4.Place the guide in a corner of the frame, clamp a 4” block next to the guide.
5.Put two screws through the frame and into the block.
6.Place the beveled block next to the guide and clamp. 
7.Drive in two screws.
8.Repeat on each corner.
Attach the Plywood
1.Draw a line 3/8” in from the edge around the plywood.
2.Drill three 1/8” holes along the short ends and countersink.
3.Drill four 1/8” holes along the long end and countersink.
4.Place plywood on frame and attach with screws.
1.Cut four legs 34 ½” long.
2.Bevel all sides on one end of each leg.
Setting up module.
1.Place all four legs into the module and set upright.
2.Paint everything green.