The Delaware SeaSide Railroad Club Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit Educational Charity organization as recognized by the IRS. Your donation can be used as a charitable deduction on your taxes.  You will be given a receipt acknowledging your donation.

Cash: Cash donations are always appreciated. Please make your checks payable to:  
                                Delaware Seaside RR Club, Inc.
                                P.O.Box 479
                                Ocean View, DE  19970

Model Trains: You can donate individual items or your complete train collection including the platform if desired to the club. We accept all gauges and will pick up large items.  Your train donations can be used in the following ways:

1. They will be kept for use on one of our layouts.
2. They will be used for a school or community program.
3. They will be sold and the money raised will be used to purchase items needed by the club.

Other Railroad Related Items: Other items we could use include:

1. Books, magazines and videos for our Library
2. Model railroad layout items such as houses, trees, cars, etc.

Delaware SeaSide Railroad Club

Here is a recent donation of a K-LINE Heavy Hauler Safeway Grocery Store 027 set. It was Sold on Facebook Marketplace. 

The Delaware Seaside Railroad Club is participating in Delaware's Largest Day of Giving for non-profit organizations, Do More 24, on March 7-8, 2024.This is a statewide 24-hour day of giving and runs from 6PM on Thursday, March 7th to 6PM on Friday, March 8th. The DSRC is one of over 600 Delaware non-profit organizations that are participating in this year's event. Please follow the links below for complete information on this exciting event and to donate. The minimum donation is $5.00 and we greatly appreciate your support. 

For More Information:

To Donate:

Most recent page update: February 1, 2024
Please Note: 
DoMore24 is structured for its one time 24-hour operation on a single day in early March of each year.  For General Donations Year-Round, such as a Memorial Contribution or a special fundraising campaign that we may organize, please use the alternative link below which takes you directly to Delaware Gives, another site operated by Spur Impact, which hosts the DoMore24 Campaign. Funds donated via Delaware Gives are disbursed to the Delaware Seaside Railroad Club bi-monthly. This allows for separate accounting of multiple campaigns. 
Thanks for your support!